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life is cool. brah brah brah. things are neat. blah blah blah.

My gramma's 80th birthday party was last weekend. She got a blow up doll named "Jack in the Box" and a pinata filled with toupees, condoms, denture cream, and pregnancy tests. It was a riot. I want to go camping next weekend but Allegheny is booked. Any other cool suggestions as to where to go?

Also. I really am missing being in school. This summer off crap is for the birds. I've resorted to playing online Escape Series games and readings stupid female magazines that crush my already frail self esteem into a million little pieces and make me snort it up my nose.

Me and Max are like two room mates who happen to makeout occasionally. It's a blast, really.

Who got a new haircut? THIS GIRL. I got bangs. They kinda get in my face and make me squint but everybody likes them so Ill try to get along with them.

My neighborhood sucks, it's pretty shitty. This morning I was standing outside my car on my phone trying to speak to a woman at AAA when a crackhead lady pushing a bummy man in a wheel chair came by and the two of them decided to start arguing and screaming at each othe less than five feet away from me. Then the bummy wheelchair guy fell out of his chair and onto the parking lot. The crackheady lady walked away, causing him to start screaming "MICHELEEEEE!!! COME BACK HERE!!!" Meanwhile the lad I am trying to talk to asks me whats wrong and I have to explain to her why Im not helping the bum in the wheelchair off the ground. Because he probably doesn't even need the frickin wheel chair. In fact, I saw him stand up, brush himself off, and sit his lazy ass back down.

I watched a guy get robbed and beat up in brood daylight the other day. I called the police and tried getting the four or five doods all standing around to try and help but of course the wouldnt help, they thought it was funny. I now carry pepper spray, as I lost my mace to the boarder patrol long time ago.

I hope everyones summer is going well. Mine is filled with hours of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, anxiousness, and the occasional hopeful moment when I think of what could happen someday. Max makes it a little better too. I don't know why I'm so down, I really have everything a girl could possibly ask for, besides friends to hangout with. Oh well, can't have everything!


May. 14th, 2009

Hi I'm alive! Last day of classes tomorrow, finals next week.


Since Kristy and Suzie both asked


What is it?
Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages. People write short updates, often called "tweets" of 140 characters or fewer. These messages are posted to your profile or your blog, sent to your followers, and are searchable on Twitter search.

You can updte twitter like you would send a text message. So instead of sending your best friend/boyfriend/sister/whoever a million witty little texts all day, you can send them to your twitter account jut by sending them to a number they give you. So say your standing in line at the grocery store, and theres a lady with a wicked unibrow standing in front of you, instead of texting your friend something about it, you cn actually take a picture and post it on yur account right then and there, with a funny caption, like, "got razor?" Kindof fucked up yes, but oh so cool. to be honest with you, i probably wouldnt have even bothered to make one had I not heard that John Mayor and Ashton Kutcher are all over that shit. Then I asked Christian about it because I knew him and all his guy friends had them, and he told me more about it. Its pretty cool. You can also communicate with people via text messages who are your twitter friends, or send tet without using your phone (I got one last night from a twitter friend) its pretty neato, ya'll should give it a try. I like it because you can only type small amounts of text, its not like lj where you are feel like you have to either write a lot or nothing at all. On twitter, you can do whatever you want. Its like instant messaging your livejournal.

Mar. 24th, 2009

Tonight I made two new things, homemade steak fries and a twitter account. Add melissafication to your Twitter and AIM now!
I love our apartment!

The location is perfect. Around the corner from a coop, down the street from one of my fvorite shopping areas in rochester, around the corner form my favorite bar Mex...and oh yeah across the street from one of the awesomest show venues in Rochester. Our friends Tom and Laura came over the other day with greeneries and we proceeded to get wasted and yell "ITS A TRAP!!!" to all the smokers hanging outside of Bugjar. It was quite entertaining, even though Im sure nobody heard us, seeing as we are up so high I cant even really fathom them hearing us through all the traffic of the city...What else...Oh yeah we walked to the St. Paddys day parade down the street on Saturday...SO MANY DRUNK PEOPLE!!! We decided to stay sober seeing as we had plans for the evening (although I cant remember what..) and I had a paper due...Tuesday was fun, we went to my friend Jess's for some drunken "Three Man" and some good times...

I got accepted into the SUNY School of Enviromental Science and Forestry in Syracuse. I think I might go if they pay me enough...Either way, I am graduating from Monroe this spring, and Im not ready to leave. So I reapplied as a freshman and will officially be working on my second Assocciates Degree starting this summer (Just kidding, Im not actually going to be working on a degree) But I did have to enroll in SOME degree program in order for financial aid to pay for my schooling. So enrolled in the chemistry program, seeing as I will be taking the majority of those classes anyways. Im taking my whole sequence of Physics this summer (so I wont have to at my NEXT school) and finishing up my chemistry, math, and a few art courses this fall.

I did end up getting a really nice scholarship from SUNY Purchase but I have declined. Its definitley an oddball and not very high on my priority list of schools.

Doing the right thing?

We got the apartment!

So as of March 3rd, 2009 I will officially be living in my own place again.

So as of March 3rd, 2009 I will be doing the one thing I said I'd never do again.

So as of March3rd, 2009 I will be living with a man, unmarried.

I hope this is the right decision for us! Its a scary thing!! I'm excited, happy, and nervous and scared all at the same time. I mean, I love him very much and this is what Ive wanted for like forever, but its always a big risk, you know? I havent really lived with a guy in like three years, and I love living with my mom and Tommy..But Im a little more grown up and a little more mature and a tad bit in love (ok, REALLY in love) so I think this might be good...

We spent the past few months talking about menu's and decorating do's and don'ts...

today we walked around Home Depot picking out plants and carpets and parts to make our book shelves/record shelves...

so I guess this is really happening...

I must admit, Im a happy girl. :)

good things a happenin

Wow, so far so good! Its been a whole couple a months without anything too horrible happening (I guess this is an entirely subjective word to use, something "minor" to me is usually life devestating to others...) I guess finding out some recent health issues with a friend, and my dad are getting me down, but I guess thats a part of life, death that is..

I had a wonderful Valentines Day! I spent the day with Max and ASH!!! She came up to Rochester to see me (he has been spending the weekends here) so we spent the day at the Strong Museum of Play, which we snuck into, playing with toys and havin fun. That night me and Max dressed up and went to a super nice Sushi restaurant that just opened on South Clinton...It was really nice. I got him a Syracuse Basketball jersey and hat that he wanted, he got me an antique jewelry box filled with a ton of antique pearls and earrings and necklaces. It was an awesome surprise, and just what I like :)

The next day we went to the Science Museum, which is way more fun than the Museum of Play. I've been to both and still love the Science Museum out of everything in Rochester. I found a room I like even more, now that I know a bit more about Protists. There is a display of what is inside a drop of pond water, represented by obviously giant figures. I could (without reading the descriptions) name at least the phylum if not the genus of most of the organisms. It was really cool, because we just finished studying them in my Biology class. Shitty part was, I had just taken a quiz on all of them Friday, and I would have done much better had I seen this display before hand..

anyhoo. Monday was productive. Maxhad another job interview, last week was at Paychex, this week was at the Sutherland Group. He thinks he may have gotten both jobs but we are hoping Paychex calls back first. Although Sutherland pays more hourly, comminssion at Paychex is much higher and we've heard from numerous people that paycecx is a great company to work for.

Hopefully he'll get some sort of job. We kinda just put a security deposit down on an apartment here in Rochester!! We aren't really sure if we actually "have" the apt yet, as they still have to check out our application (which I fibbed a lil bit on...)...But we HAD to take it, its in a perfect location (corner of Monroe and S. Union, right across the street from Bugjar) and the rent is cheap (595, includes heat) and its a two-bed, with a dining room. Hardwood floors. Its defintley in need of some decorating but with enough plants and paintings I think it we be quite charming..

I hope this all works out!

ps: stop the vag talk! nothing changes except there's less to love!


So the Superbowl is on right now...A few thoughts..

-Those horse commercials are AMAZING. I absolutley love Budweiser for making them...

-Hulu is advertising on TV? Man I've been hipped to Hulu for over a year, now all the shmucks out there will be watching it and slowin my shit down...fuck....

-My mom got us 3D glasses, Max says they look cute on me but I say they give me a headache...

-Speaking of football, and Max, our one year anniversary was over a month ago, so to celebrate we went to the Bills/Patriots game, it was the last game of the Bills season and the best game ot lose our live-NFL-game-virginity to. We had never seen a live game and my favorite team vs his fav team was perfect. However we were NOT fans of the 70 MPH winds and freezing rain that disabled our grill and abilities to tailgate...Oh well, there is always next season :)

-I made chicken wing dip for the first time today, and man that shit is effen amazing! I highly recommend it with pork rinds. Just make sure you have a defibillator handy

-Morissey tickets are sold out :( anyone got any to spare??

-Maxi is adorable. He doesnt know what LJ stands for...

-I cant wait for the new Lily Allen album to come out!!! February 10th!!!!

- I really with the Cardinals werent sucking so much ass right now...

-School is going ok, made the deans list last semester, if I can keep it up one more I think Ill be satisfied to have a less than perfect grade...

-I am actually ENJOYING chemistry right now. Probably because I have an awesomely enthusiastic grampa-like teacher...Biology on the other hand is starting off on a sucky note, my prof sucks and ruined out bacteria samples last week so we already are behind a three hour long lab...

-So finding a job for Max in Rochester is proving to be quite challenging...He has an interview with Paychex next Monday, wish him luck :)

-We are looking at apartments...Either a two bedroom for both of us or a one bed/studio for him. I dont really want us to share a one bed and definitley not a studio unless its huuuge. So we are looking for a two bed within the city, heat included, under $650 a month...Is this possible? Probably not. Will we try? Absolutely!

-I love my Pathfinder. Nissan rules.

-Lately Ive been selling a lot of art stuff.. I havent been making anything new, with the exception of a wooden puzzle star I burned over break, which seemed to start this whole wave of orders. Its kinda nice having people come up to ME to buy my stuff as opposed to having to go out and sell it myself...Now I just need some time to make more, and set it up on Etsy...

-One hour episode of Office post-superbowl. Fuckin flav!

I'll see you Friday before work, that will be good. I wish you would have called me back last night, I hate talking while I am at work.


el fin

I feel like life started speeding up when I turned 16. Every year seems to go by quicker and quicker, but Ive come to realize that its not that time is going by quicker, but that as I get older, I get more discontent about the time that passes. Its as if we know that life is going and we are dying and we get upset about this and blame it on time. Really, if we just accepted that all things will eventually end (this life included), I think we would be a happier group of folks.